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The Israeli occupation forces yesterday at dawn invaded Rafah area in Gaza where a new crime was committed and resulted in killing four Palestinians and wounding other 8, while other three Palestinians were killed in different aggressions in the West Bank and Gaza. Meantime, representatives for the so-called Quartet on the Middle East in Brussels yesterday discussed the issue of publishing the "roadmap" which is to be announced, after the Palestinian prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazin) will assume his official post after two weeks, without amendment. A European source spoke that there is "a European consensus inside the Quartet" to publish the "roadmap" as is  without amendment  after the formation of the Palestinian government and getting the confidence of the Palestinian legislative council. The source said following the meeting of the committee in Brussels "there is a consensus on not amending the roadmap approved by the Quartet on December 20, 2002 in Washington." The source added "there is also a consensus on the need to publish the plan after the government of Mahmoud Abbas has won the confidence of the Palestinian legislative council." Brussels' meeting was attended by the EU ME special envoy Miguel Moratinos, the UN secretary general representative in the Palestinian territories Terry Rod Larsen, the Russian delegate to the Middle East Alexander Vadovin, US Assistant Secretary William Joseph Burns. Meantime, Palestinian medical and security sources said that the number of "martyrs as a result of the Israeli aggression and the artillery and missile bombardment during the incursion in Rafah reached four." The Israeli occupation army announced its had carried out the incursion operation in Rafah during which it demolished four houses. Eye- witnesses talked about the exchange of fire between the Israeli occupation army and the Palestinians in Rafah, while an Israeli military source said that four Israeli soldiers were slightly wounded when their car collided in an operation of blowing up an explosive in Rafah. In the first anniversary of Jenin massacre "Saraya al-Quds " ( Jerusalem's groups), the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, announced that one of its members yesterday carried out an attack against Israeli soldiers and this resulted in killing "two soldiers" and wounding a third near Mouraj settlement to the south of Gaza. In a statement, al-Qassam groups, the military wing of the Hamas movement said it had detonated an Israeli tank during the incursion operation of al-Brazil and al-Salaam areas in Rafah. It added that its "militants detonated a Zionist tank on Wednesday evening when it was running on an explosive in al-Brazil quarters upon its incursion." The statement added that this operation is "a present" for the Iraqi people who were exposed to war," threatening to continue the march until the aggression is eliminated."
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