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A "say sorry" epidemic seeps through Lebanon crisis leaders.

Condoleeza Rice is sorry for the innocent victimes in Lebanon. At first it was Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who couldn't stop saying sorry every time he killed someone, and now Condoleeza Rice has caught the habit. It was a pretty tough job for the Sorry Virus to get through that thick skin but a visit to the Middle East without getting an anti-sympathy jab did the trick. Besides so many Israelis were infected with the same Oops, sorry! reflex every time a car full of people or block of flats was obliterated, that it was hard not to catch the virus. However, it is expected that she will make a speedy recovery as soon as she gets back home..

The Children of Israel meanwhile...

Israeli children signing bombs
Israeli children signing bombs

...were not saying sorry but sending the Israeli version of Tony Blair's Tough Love, to other children who they longed to punish for being very naughty children indeed, at least that is what the local Propaganda Nanny for children told them to say. Here are the little angels writing their sweet little messages as the proud parents and Elders of Zion look on.

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