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Statistical sources for the Middle East

Some statistical data for the Middle East.

Lebanon damage report

Summary of the main Lebanese infrastructure damaged by Israeli bombing in the two weeks since the conflict began on 12 July, according to the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs.


With regard to Israel's "defense" rhetoric, one should pose some key questions and consider the obvious irrefutability of their answers. Does Israel's violence safeguard the life of the three kidnapped soldiers? No; rather it jeopardizes their safety. Does Israel's policy of throwing bombs bring about peace? No; on a structural level Israel's policy exacerbates the grass root level anti-Israel sentiments fundamental to Hezbollah's existence. It also explains why Hezbollah is now shooting its missiles on Israel. Is Israel's violence legitimate? No; Israel's violence is, first and foremost, to the detriment of innocent civilians, not Hezbollah or Hamas. Condemning Hamas and Hezbollah militancy must, therefore, be accompanied by even stronger condemnation of Israel's militancy considering its illegal traditions, which give rise to the militancy of Hamas, Hezbollah and other movements. For example, annexation and occupation of Arab land, and, mind you, detaining of Arab civilians on Arab territory.


In the days before the US-commanded forces unleashed the second siege of Falluja in November 2004, a quarter million women, children and old men fled the city, but males between the ages of 15 and 45 were denied passage. They were essentially criminalized and forced to remain in a zone upon which hell was about to descend. These poor souls were condemned to a legal category that philosopher Giorgio Agamben calls hominus sacres, those without rights who can be killed without it being called the murder of a human, homicide.

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