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Massacre in Gaza: seven Palestinians killed, 50 wounded 9 April 2003 Abu Mazin face internal pressures  Israel yesterday committed a new massacre, which was almost forgotten amid news on the American invasion of Iraq, during which seven Palestinians were killed including an official at the Hamas movement and his escort and other 50 Palestinians were wounded including women and children, when Israeli F-16 jets and Apache helicopters bombarded a civilian car while running in a residential quarters in Gaza. Meantime, Palestinian sources said that the Palestinian designated prime minister Mahmoud Abbas ( Abu Mazin) is facing obstacles impeding the formation of his government, including pressure made by the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and senior officials in the Fatah movement and this has pushed him to threaten to resign. Eye- witnesses said that three persons were killed at least and other 30 were wounded when an F-16 plane fired a missile at a car in al-Zaitoun quarters in Gaza, but the missile missed the target and hit a house and civilians in the street including several children and women. They added that the plane returned and fired another missile that hit the car and the remains of the victims were taken to al-Shefaa hospital in Gaza. Witnesses said that the Apache helicopters opened fire at civilians and healthcare providers who hurried to help the passengers of the car which was bombarded and this resulted in more victims among killed and wounded.
Palestine-Israel, Military, 4/9/2003
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