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ImageThe Jabaliya refugee camp

Some statistics on the Jabaliya camp

  • Total Palestinian Deaths: at least 80
  • Total Israeli Deaths: at least 2
  • Civilians murdered: at least 30 (inc. 26 children!)
  • Resistance fighters killed:
  • Wounded:
  • Property destroyed: schools, houses, shops, roads, water supplies
  • Agricultural land destroyed: anything the Israelis feel like destroying - ancientolive groves, citrus trees, farm animals, a zoo, anything.
  • Land stolen:
  • Laws broken:all
  • 10 Commandments broken:at least 4

David and Goliath (Israel's upside down world

Palestinians Israelis

Machine guns
Their own bodies

2000 Troops
200 Tanks
Helicopter gunships
Fighter Planes
Spy Planes
US funding
Nuclear Weapons (not yet)

Example of Israeli Army Jusice

Israel says no state can sit back and allow its most bitter enemies to rocket its homes and schools. And so Israelis bomb homes and schools and kill children, something they have been doing for decades.

Tuesday - the conflict claimed the life of another teenage girl in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian medics said Israeli soldiers fired about 20 bullets into 13- year-old Iman al-Hams, including five into her head. Soldiers claimed they thought she had a bomb in a bag she dropped. She didn't.

Israeli tanks also shelled the north Gaza town of Beit Lahiya early on Wednesday, killing three Palestinians and injuring 10 children. The two 15-year-old pupils at Jabaliya's school were both shot in the head by Israeli snipers inside their homes just a few blocks and several hours apart. Islam died almost immediately after the bullet smashed through her forehead as she baked bread with her mother in their yard on Sunday.

Tahreer is still on life support at a Gaza hospital after an operation to remove shards of shattered skull from her brain.

Thursday - Israeli soldiers fire a tank shell into a crowded market. Seven people were killed - including a 14-year-old - and more than 20 injured. An Israeli tank fired two shells into blocks of flats yesterday, killing a Palestinian father and his son in one home and wounding nine children asleep in another. (Televised report ).
December 2004
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