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Here are some basic facts about the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

  • The First Intifada began in 1987. Violence declined in 1991 and came to an end with the signing of the Oslo accords (August 1993) and the creation of the Palestinian National Authority.
  • The al-Aqsa Intifada (also known as the Second Palestinian Intifada or the Second Intifada) was the violent Palestinian-Israeli conflict that began in September of 2000.
  • At the start of the revolt against occupation it was the Israelis who fired into crowds of demonstrators.
  • Palestine is a country occupied by an illegal Israeli military occupation.
  • Israeli politicians tell blatant lies
  • On Rafah, Channel 4 news phoned and askd the Israeli MInistry of Defence how many houses had been destroyed and why they had also destroyed greenhouses and the zoo. All statements were at first denied until it was pointed out that they were on the spot with cameras. Then it must have been the Palestinians themselves who were destorying the buildings, was the reply. Such is the endemic self-deceit in Israel.
  • Dore stated that Israel does not deliberately target civilians. He forgot to mention that anyone who ventures out during a curfew will be shot on sight.
  • Gaza is nothing more than a giant concentration camp policed by an Israeli army.
  • A sizeable minority of Jewish people throughout the world are opposed to what Israel is doing in their name. In Israel itself there are Human Rights groups who actively and regularly question the morality of their own government.
  • The West Bank is full of illegal settlements that are causing misery to millions of Palestinains
  • The Israelis have a powerful army, the Palestinians do not have an army : not a tank, a helicopter gunship or even an anti-aircraft missile.
  • Israel is massively subsidised by the US and supported militarily.
  • The Israelis will do whatever they want, violating any and every international law while the US and UK allow them to do so. I see no signs that anyone is going to stop them, a fact which was the recent cause of the Palestinians deciding to fight for themselves despite not having tanks, helicopter gunships or an army - or even a road in and out of their own country! They are an trapped and abused people and the US and UK share responsibilty for their plight. l or legal right to the land they have occupied
  • Jerusalem has been a multi-religious city for hundreds of years and both Christians and Jews were allowed by muslim leaders to practice their beliefs in peace. It is the arrival of ultra-fundametalist ultra-national jews that has caused religious intolerance.
  • About 1.4 million Palestinians live in Gaza, more than half of them families of refugees from past wars with Israel. Gaza has one of the world’s highest population densities and demographic growth rates.
  • Most Gazans live on less than $2 a day. Unemployment exceeds 50 percent because of Israeli security closures curbing cross-border trade and access to jobs.
  • Concrete slums, facades covered by murals of Palestinian militants slain by Israel, sprawl across sand dunes dotted by palm groves and mounds of uncollected trash. Donkey carts have made a comeback as a means of transport.
  • About 200,000 Palestinians are residents of East Jerusalem, occupied by Israel in 1967 and later annexed in a move not recognised internationally.
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