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Israeli attack 09 April 2003 Ghalem Shehaiber, a 16-year-old with shrapnel in his back from the attack, told reporters in al-Shifa hospital how he was standing near by, at the Askoula circle, a landmark. "I heard two missiles fired. I rushed to the scene." What Mr Shehaiber claims happened next is disturbing. A large crowd had gathered around the wrecked car. "After a short time, maybe two minutes, two more missiles were fired at the crowd." Mr Shehaiber and another witness, who declined to give his name, claimed that it was at this time that most of the wounded were hit. The Israeli army has an openly stated policy of assassinating senior Palestinian militants, and it has repeatedly fired into crowded civilian areas during its assassinations. Last July, nine Palestinian children were killed when the Israeli air force dropped a one-tonne bomb into a packed area of slum housing in Gaza City in the middle of the night on a mission to assassinate Saleh Shehadeh, a leading Hamas militant.
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