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Willingness to criticize Israel is one of the key tests of intellectual integrity for politicians and journalists.

You could say "Israel right or wrong, that's my song" is the West's mental loop that they cannot get out of. Most political journalists concentrate on the small picture, on effects not causes, ignore inconvenient facts, point the fingure of blame on one easy to undestand party, ignore the real behind the scenes puppet mastery, follow an establishment agenda and finally edit out anything said to them that does not fit into their agenda or what might get in the way of a nice simple story suitable for mass consumption.
Ask obvious questions? NO chance. There is an abscence of logical forensic thinking. If they were detectives, no case would get solved. They are often lacking in moral and intellectual honesty. Remember the Madeleine McCann story after the news first broke? The media scrum that rushed out there had just about hung the first person they could get access to and who was "accused" - Robert Murat.
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