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There are three Shi‘ite movements or factions that have resistance potential: the Jama‘at as-Sadr ath-Thani, or Sadr group; the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI); and the Da‘wa party. All three of these organizations are highly articulated, possess recognized leadership, and are actively competing for power within the Shi‘ite community itself and on the national political stage. The Sadr group is vehemently anti-occupation and has been very successful at gaining influence at the local level. Its leader, Muqtada as-Sadr, has denounced the Iraqi governing council, and called for the creation of an "Islamic army" answerable to Iraqi religious leaders.[37] The Sadr group was not given a place in the governing council. SCIRI has aligned itself, at least to some degree, with one of the Sadr faction's powerful rivals, Grand Ayatollah ‘Ali Sistani,[38] but has its own conspiratorial history and a background of Iran-supported armed resistance to Saddam's government. SCIRI was given a seat in the governing council. The third Shi‘ite organization, the Da‘wa party, also has a long history of underground resistance to Saddam. It, too, was given a place in the council. Overall, the Shi‘ites are probably a greater potential danger to the coalition and any transitional government than the Sunnis. Many of the Shi‘ites already have the experience of professional resisters. If their political needs are not met, at least some Shi‘ite elements are likely to move to resistance. If so, they would pose a major threat. Iraqi Resistance Groups Hizb al-‘Awda Nasserite Organization Iraqi Liberation Army Islamic Movement in Iraq Muslim Brotherhood Wakefulness and Holy War Ansar al-Islam Armed Islamic Movement for al-Qa‘ida Muslim Youth Iraqi National Front of Fedayeen Army of Muhammad Saddam Fedayeen "The Snake Party" Iraqi Resistance Brigades General Command of the Iraqi Armed Resistance Salafist Jihad Group Organization of Jihad Brigades in Iraq Iraq's Revolutionaries—Al-Anbar's Armed Brigades Black Banners Organization.
Jarvis, the Marine spokesman, said residents of Mosul are coming to the airport to give tips on locations of fedayeen forces or other bad guys, and that Special Forces troops are conducting raids. He declined to say if those raids are bearing fruit. In the meantime, the Americans are trying to woo local leaders into working with them to form a provisional authority. One is Sheik Ibrahim Ata Allah al-Juburi, chief of the Juburi tribe which claims 10 million Iraqis "from Zakho to Basra," al-Jubiri said. He receives visitors in a tent erected in front of his house; the tent has ceiling fans, a telephone, a television with satellite receiver and a rectangular sectional couch measuring 100 feet. He kills three sheep a day to serve his many guests; tonight it was steaming platters of mutton, potatoes and rice.,8599,444197,00.html
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