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He was fond of President Reagan and accepted President Clinton. “He’d always be like, ‘Bush is no good,’” Specialist Dawson said. “And then he’d be like, ‘Reagan? Reagan and me, good.’ ” “And Clinton was all right. He’d say, ‘Cleeenton, he’s OK. The Bush father, son, no good.’” Corporal Reese said. Toward the end of their assignment in March, however, Saddam was becoming less hostile to the Bushes. “He wanted to be friends with them,” Specialist O’Shea said. “Towards the end, he was saying that he doesn’t hold any hard feelings and he just wanted to talk to Bush, to make peace.” “He would water his plants, wash his clothes, sit and have coffee, a cigar, and talk to us. He would also feed the birds. We got so used to him it was like he was one of our friends, but we knew our place and he knew his.” “Right now, he is lying in his bed, reading. Today, (one of the officers) gave me an article on all of the mass graves and I realized how evil this guy is. But you wouldn’t be able to tell, the way he acts around us.” “(SADDAM) gave me a cigar and asked me to sit with him. At first he was just saying that it was a lot better to have someone else to smoke and talk with. Then we started talking about the war a little bit which led him to telling me about his sons. He said when someone came to tell him about it, he was proud that they died for their country. As he was talking more about everything he lost, tears were in his eyes. I didn’t know what to say so I said ‘ Sorry for your losses’.”
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