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Falluja 2004US uses blitzkrieg to obliterate not just fighters but Falluja itself.

The US and UK bringing order and democratic civilisation to Iraq. The true face of the US in Falluja bringing death and destruction without regard to civilian casualties.

The Evil empire attacks Falluja.August 2004, Iraq.

Falluja phosphorus bombs 2004Falluja 2004 Cartoon President Bush and Tony Blair have given the orders to crush Falluja by obliterating all of it if necessary and so bring peace and prosperity to any of its inhabitants left alive.

The unholy alliance of Bush and Blair is today showing what it is made of. The farcical pretence of precision bombing has been cast aside (media weasils very quiet) by the spectacle of the indiscriminate blitzkrieg aimed at Falluja. It is not just a few enemies of the West that are being killed but the spirit of the people and their home town. Which is precisely the aim of the exercise. If you see a nuclear mushroom-type cloud on your TV screens it's probably a bunker-buster bomb of the type used in Afghanistan. Certainly they are effective but what morality is contained in the obliteration process - even Saddam Hussein never went so far as to destroy his own towns. When the spirit of resistance is crushed the Iraqis will have our version of democracy - weasily masses, subdued, obedient, lacking in spirit, electing people like George Bush.

Killer Blair and Bomber Bush both pray to the God of War and he instructed them to obliterate Falluja. If you are directed by God, you do not have to feel responsible for what you do. On the other side, the muslim God of War directed his followers to kill any Westerners, also without discrimination.

Quoting the words of Jesus, "You are either with me or against me", the two great Christian leaders of the world are showing the rest of the world what it means to be a good Christian.

Fallujahas always been an independent, almost self-governing part of Iraq. The Demonic, sorry, - Democratice forces - don't like that. The real object of the exercise is to crush the spirit of the people so that they will obey their new masters. Strange, I thought that is why they got rid of Saddam Hussein.

This is the place where the Americans shot dead protestors in May.

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