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Examples of media bias and propaganda during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Thursday 27 July. Hezbollah is firing rockets from civilian homes.

(Channel 4 News - Jon Snow offers no evidence but obviously believes the assertion.) This remark follows the Israeli IDF statement that they are going to obliterate anyone left in any village or town. BBC abandons the real issues for 15 minutes devoted to Israeli suffering and then sentimentalised rubbish. CNN broadcasts what amounts to a speech by the Israeli military justifying their bilitz. A bad day for journalism.

Friday 28 July. Israel now at war with all of Lebanon says UK TV news.

The labelling has subtely changed again. Today media echomen are not talking about a battle with Hezbollah as much as a war agains Lebanon.

This comes after an IDF announcement that all places where any Hezbollah member might be are going to be targeted which means they have given themselves carte blanche to blitzkrieg any town or village that Israel says has even one Hezbollah fighter in it. No proof is ever offered and media zombies don't ask for it. Lots of focus today on poor young Israel. Cut to interview with young Israeli soldier who says the Army is like a family. Poor little things. This is not the same family that is currently terrorising another defenceless population trapped in Gaza is it?

Saturday 29 July. What Israel wants is all that matters.

The BBC in particular offers a consisent bias for Israel, with all interviews with Israeli spokesmen, Arab political voices completely absent, no counterbalance at all, constant repetition of the cause being Hezbollah and not Israel's occupation of Palestine. Still no intelligent questions based on what is actually happening. "The Lebanese people are not our enemy." So says Israeli spokesman. The answer to such a blatant lie is obvious but The BBC News 24 might as well hand over to the Israeli propaganda machine. On the other hand Channel 4 News presented another report on propaganda news reportin, showing us that in Israel there is hardly a single person who cares a damn what happens to other people; and their own media does not show or avoids putting up front pictures of the results of their indifference.

Incredibly NewsWatch 28 July 2006 presented a report which featured a Jewish lady complainant , Francine Levin, attacking the BBC for not reporting the suffering of Israel as much as the other side. Was Len Van de Put Jewish too? It's almost unbelievable that the BBC does not know there is a massive Jewish propaganda machine out there that always promotes the same idea: Israel can do no wrong. Jewish suffering is more important than anyone else's. I think the Channel 4 news report showed that very clearly. An obvious thing to say would have been that while Hezbollah are supposed to be a terrorist group and you might therefore expect them to attack innocent civilians, Israel is supposed to be a civilised state and yet is systematically targetting innocent civilians on a massive and disproportinate scael - hence the reporting focus. And Levine again made the familiar assertion that Hezbollah keeps their rockets in peoples homes, meaning the IDF therefore has to bomb all homes. How does she know anyway? The only thing correct about the Jewish Lady is that the BBC reporting (perhaps apart from Newsnight) is weak and with no clear direction.

Sunday and Monday 30-31 July. Second massacre of innocents in Qana.

As the media ramble on about "talks" all any of the worlds politicians are doing apart from the US and Israel, is, you guessed it, talking. The UN are a joke, impotent, corrupt, and afraid of losing their comfortable incomes if they speak out. Of course, the worst are the top politicians who could do something but don't. Not one will call a spade a spade, or a massacre a massacre. The Israeli UN Envoy Danny Gillerman, Chief Liar for the UN, made a particulary grotesque spectacle during the televised UN Security Council meeting after the Qana massacre (or an OOps! Sorry! as the Israelis prefer to call their little accidents). Once again the same rhetoric and denial of blame, in fact he blamed Hezbollah. A truly disgusting spectacle of self-justifying murder. These dangerous, self-deluded people have nuclear weapons. They don't see anything or anyone except themselves. On Channel 4 news 3 Jewish people discussed their views on the "war". Again a barrage of self-justification and a total inability to accept blame for anything. Only one of the women managed to present a personal view instead of a Jewish view. Are they all afraid of their friends? Channel 4 did mention that they had tried unsuccessfully to get a Foreign Office representative to appear but had met with refusal. In this conflict, all the democracies have failed; all the leaders are liars and betrayers of the people.

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