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Murder of innocents by Israelis in Beit Hanoun Print E-mail
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ImageBeit Hanoun Massacre

Rahwi Hamad, 75, of Beit Hanoun said he was awoken by the sound of explosions at about 5:15 a.m. and emerged from his home to find body parts and pools of blood in the streets.

"I saw people coming out of the house, bleeding and screaming. I carried a girl covered with blood," he said. "Inside the houses, we evacuated dismembered bodies. We saw legs, hands, parts of heads stuck to the wall. Everything was disgusting. this is the worst, bloody scene I have ever scene."

[Independent Nov 8 2006]

Beit Hanoun bombed
Beit Hanoun bombed
It is certain that no Israeli soldier will be held to account for any crime against anyone who is not an Israeli. No matter how many innocent people the Israeli neo-nazi military machine murders the international community will do nothing and neither will any Arab state. The logical conclusion is that the international community, as the only power that can act, is as guilt of the crime as the State of Israel. Hamas and the Palestinians should take their resistance to the doorstep of the US and the UK in particular, not by attacking innocent people like me but by attacking politicians by any other legal form of protest. Blair and Bush and the Foregin Secretary will only act when they feel the outrage directly. It is time the Palestinains got out of their cage.

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