The 2008 Presidential Campaign and Israel
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If you ever thought that Israel and the Jewish block were not really very important or that their importance is exaggerated, then this Presidential Campaign offers all the proof you need to think otherwise.

The Jewish lobby is of the utmost importance to all American Presidents, Democrat or Republican. Both Republican and Democratic hopefuls have gone before the pro-Israeli lobby to do obeisance and to gain the necessary approbation and support. Without that support it is doubtful if anyone can be President of the United States. Both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have gone out of their way to offer Israel an absolute support and both of them have offered to "obliterate" Iran.
Barack Obama in his first foreign policy speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) said that he would do "everything" to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons not quite repeating Hilary Clinton's threat to "obliterate" Iran but it amounts to the same thing. They both displayed their dangerous and probably deliberate ignorance of the history of the issue and basically absolved Israel of any responsibility. So no change there - and no hope of any progress in the Middle East. Watch out for bombing here in the UK and abroad. Basically they both show utter contempt for the indigenous Arab Palestinian population.

You might think that the threat to obliterate another country made by a presidential candidate would be a matter for serious discussion and comment but not for the British Media. Threats of nuclear obliteration are apparently quite normal - when made by the US. Now imagine if Iran had made such a statement!

Israel has nuclear weapons but the whole world of western allies is pretending they do not. It is a dangerous pretence but fully supported by the EU and US. Why is that?