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Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base. -  Two former prisoners at the base, Abdul Jabar and Hakkim Shah, told the New York Times this week that they recalled seeing Dilawar at Bagram. They said that they had been kept naked, hooded and shackled and were deprived of sleep for days on end.  Mr Shah said that American guards kicked him to stop him falling asleep and that on one occasion he had been kicked by a woman interrogator, while her male colleague held him in a kneeling position. The commander of the coalition forces in Afghanistan, General Daniel McNeill, said that prisoners were made to stand for long periods but he denied that they were chained to the ceiling. "Our interrogation techniques are adapted," he said. "They are in accordance with what is generally accepted as interrogation techniques, and if incidental to the due course of this investigation, we find things that need to be changed, we will certainly change them." Justice in Afghanistan,,5944-659724,00.html

AMERICAN soldiers guarding an arms dump in Baghdad stripped four suspected Iraqi thieves, burnt their clothes and forced them on to the streets naked, witnesses said early this morning. A Muslim member of the Delta Squadron 10 Engineer Corps is alleged to have written “Ali Baba. Haram” in Arabic across the men’s chests before they were evicted at gunpoint from an amusement park in the city.,12469,909296,00.html
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