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police surveeilance cartoon POLICE will be given new powers to run instant fingerprint checks while on the beat. Officers currently have to take suspects to a police station to confirm identity which takes an average of four hours. But under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill, police will be given new technology allowing them to run roadside checks in around three minutes. Ministers hope that by giving officers easy access to the national fingerprint database, which holds the dabs of nearly six million offenders, they will know straight away when they are dealing with wanted suspects. By reducing the number of people arrested merely in order to check ID, police will be able to spend more time on the beat. Around 11 per cent of all arrests are made with the purpose of establishing identity. Under the new scheme, police will take two prints from a suspect whose ID they want to check and will obtain a match within around three minutes if they are on the national database. At the same time, the dabs will also be compared with those on the unsolved crime database. The prints will not be logged on either database. A Home Office spokeswoman said: "It will reduce the number of people arrested and taken into police detention because their identity is in doubt." The Bill will also give magistrates access to police mugshots for the first time to help them identify offenders who try to dodge court fines. Ministers believe this could result in up to £1.8million extra fines being collected every year Suspects will be invited to sit in the police car and place their finger on the device, which looks like a computer mouse, which will scan their prints. It will allow officers to access the national database using a remote wireless link. [source:]
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