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Noddy - Mr Plod Guantanamo Bay comes to England. - To bring in the internment powers, Britain had to opt out of Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights, "the right to liberty and security", which bans detention without trial. Sixteen people have been detained under the Act.Two,including Mr Ajouaou, have chosen to leave Britain voluntarily, as allowed under the legislation. Six further appeals have yet to be heard. ---- 30 October 2003 Human rights campaigners accused the Government yesterday of entering "a new dark age of injustice" after judges ruled that 10 suspected terrorists who have not been convicted of any crime should remain in prison indefinitely. The 10 men, most of whom have been in high-security jails for nearly two years, are being held under emergency powers introduced after the 11 September attacks in the United States. Lawyers for the Home Secretary need only to prove the Government had "reasonable grounds to suspect" the detainees had links with terrorism, a far lower requirement than the standard of proof needed to convict them in a criminal court. Most of the hearings are closed to the public and the men are not allowed to hear all the evidence against them. Judges from the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) said yesterday there was "sound material" to back David Blunkett's decision that the men were a risk to national security. Mr Justice Ouseley, SIAC's chairman, described the case against one, Jamal Ajouaou, as "compelling". Another detainee, known as D, was described as a "practised and accomplished liar". The panel said there was evidence that detainee G was a member of the terrorist group GIA and had helped Muslims travel to Afghanistan to train for Jihad and actively assisted terrorists with links to al-Qa'ida.
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