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Tests on GM Flavr Savr tomatoes resulted in lesions in rats. Print E-mail
monsanto satire Dr Arpad Pusztai's notorious experiments with GM potatoes and rats showed severe gut problems in the test animals compared to those fed non-GM potatoes. Despite the largely successful attempt to discredit him publicly, Pusztai's paper had been peer reviewed six times prior to publication. Compared to most GM research sponsored by GM companies it remains a model of experimental propriety and credibility. In GM chicken-feed experiments, twice as many chickens fed GM maize died as those fed the conventional crop. Despite this, the GM maize was approved by the Government but later withdrawn following public pressure. All of the above should make us worry. But the bottom line, of course, is that not nearly enough time has elapsed for us to be in the least confident of GM safety. Meanwhile, what's the best comparable example that the kind of transgenic tampering that is the essence of GM might eventually lead to some pretty grizzly consequences? Well, for about 30 years there was 'hard scientific evidence' that feeding high levels of animal proteins to grazing ruminants (ie dead sheep to live cows) was 'safe', in that no significant health problems seemed to have arisen. Then suddenly, Bingo! We had BSE. The production of GM foods is in many ways comparable. It involves combining strands of DNA, often animal derived, that could never naturally come together, then introducing these mutant strains to both the animal and human food chain. Such unprecedented and unnatural steps are producing entirely new materials for both the biosphere to contend with on the macro scale, and the human gut to deal with on the micro scale. Why should we be in the least surprised if at some point, something very nasty happens?,9950,971026,00.html
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Israel can do no wrong, says God Many of the the worlds leaders have blessed Israel and given it absolution. Although the Pope was not consulted, God was. This was very easy to do since President Bush and Herr Blair have stated on numerous occasions that they are in direct communication with God (and of course you can easily recognise the special Whitehouse phone that the President uses). It is almost superfluous to say that Israel's leaders are much closer to God than they are since he was their god first and he said go smite your enemies and don't hold back, which they don't. They do say sorry for killing innocent people, and drop leaflets first - so that's all right then.  Details...

Terrorism link to bad weather President Bush has blamed the recent spate of Hurricanes on Hamas, Hezbollah and their puppet masters Syria and Iran. [[Syria ]]and [[Iran]] countered that they had scientific proof that the wind produced at both ends by Bush and Blair could have caused the mayhem. The Great Leader responded with incontrovertable but secret evidence created by secret informers based in secret locations that the hurricane that devastated New Orleans was created by Iranian agents. "We can go to war now with a clear conscience," he said.    Details...

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UN representatives severely paralysed when visiting Israel UN paralysis when visiting Israel Friday, October 08, 2004 Undersecretary General for Political Affairs [[Kieran Prendergast]] and UN Middle East official [[Terje Roed Larsen]] were left severely paralysed from the neck up during a recent visit to Israel.   Details...

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